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Potatoes have emerged as a vital crop in Pakistan, holding the position of the fourth most significant crop in terms of production volume. Renowned for its high yield, nutritional value, and favorable returns for farmers, it has garnered importance among both agricultural producers and consumers. Pakistan boasts self-sufficiency in potato production for household needs, with over 99% reliance on domestically sourced seed potatoes.

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Presently, Pakistan stands among the top twenty potato-producing countries globally. There has been a consistent rise in the proportion of the potato harvest allocated for processing. Pakistan yields high-quality potatoes, featuring smooth textures and naturally colored yellow and red skins, in both elongated and round shapes. Renowned for its versatility, potatoes are carbohydrate-rich staples enjoyed worldwide, prepared and served in diverse culinary styles. When freshly harvested, potatoes typically comprise approximately 80 percent water and 20 percent dry matter.

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